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How to Increase Your YouTube Engagement by 374%

by Audra Carpenteron 06/09/2014
Learning from Neil Patel has been a highlight for us here at SMC and we want to make sure you are also able to take advantage of his in depth expertise.  So with that said, this week we want to share with you an awesome blogpost from QuickSprout that Neil goes into explaining How to […]
Screenshot Freemind Website Oct 2013

Freemind a Free Mind-Mapping Software

by SMC Staffon 03/19/2014
FreeMind is a premier free mind-mapping software written in Java. Keeping track of projects, including subtasks, state of subtasks and time recording Project workplace, including links to necessary files, executables, source of information and of course information Workplace for internet research using Google and other sources Do you know of any Resources that the SMC community could […]

Screenshot dafont Website Oct 2013

DaFont- Jazz Up Your Copy

by SMC Staffon 03/19/2014
DaFont is a fun site that offers a variety of different types of fonts.  Sometimes in our creating of new marketing pieces we need to find spmething to jazz up the copy or create a different look or feel, this site is a great place to look for creative ideas. And as always, read their […]

Marketing Metrics You Can Ignore

by Luke Harlanon 03/17/2014
Which Social Media Metrics Should You Ignore? “Vanity metrics” is a term you may or may not have heard of. It refers to the criteria by which we measure our traffic and online viability. What we are coming to discover is that many of these used to measure “results” can frequently be misleading and need […]


This Is Real Life. This is The Internet

by John Frizzeraon 03/16/2014
It’s safe to say that the Internet has become so prevalent in our lives that even people living under rocks have their own webpage. In less than two decades the Internet has morphed from its roots as a way to link researchers into one of the machines that drives the economy. If you can do […]
Screenshot SurveyMonkey Website Oct 2013

Survey Monkey- World’s Largest Survey Company

by SMC Staffon 03/05/2014
SurveyMonkey Inc. is the world’s largest survey company, helping customers collect over 1.5 million online survey responses every day. SurveyMonkey has revolutionized the way people give and take feedback, making it accessible, easy and affordable for everyone. The company was founded in 1999 with a focus on helping people make better decisions, and has built […]